effective communication for churches

Your message is important. So make sure it's heard.

While the Good News is timeless, the way in which we communicate it can vary. With competing demands for people's time and energy, it remains important to convey Biblical truths in an engaging and relevant way without watering down the message. 

I love working with church leaders and children's ministry teams to help make sure that what they are saying is listened to, remembered and acted upon. 

How can i help you?

church websites

Does your church website need a "word refresh"? Are you in the process of changing your website to make it more useful and useable to your members? I can help to ensure the text on your website is clear, informative and engaging.

videos and sketches for all age services

Need a sketch written for a school assembly or all-age family service? Get in touch!

As a member of Highgrove Church in Bristol, I have been involved in writing sketches for all-age family services and school assemblies for a number of years and would be delighted to help create a unique script for you. 

Communication & engagement workshops for church leaders and teams

Should you be planning a training day/retreat for your ministry team, I can provide workshops on presentations skills tailored to your specific requirements. Developed over the nine years I worked as an entertainer (yes, really!), the workshops are fun, engaging and practical.