Do you make these common mistakes when writing for your business?

Accuracy in writing is important for any business. At Clarke Creatives, all the content I write is checked by the only professional proofreader I recommend, Theo.

As a professional proofreader, Theo’s job is to cast a close eye over any and all copy, with particular regard to spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general consistency. If you have a style guide, he will use that to ensure that the usage of certain words or phrases is consistently applied throughout, highlighting where any changes or amendments are needed.

business proofreading

Aspects Theo looks out for typically include:

· Spelling mistakes and typing errors,

· Punctuation and hyphenating errors,

· Layout consistency,

· Accurate references e.g. correct web addresses and page references,

· Potential factual errors.

Depending on your preference, Theo can work on paper, using the British Standard BS 5261 proofreading marks, or alternatively use Microsoft Word, making suggestions via the Track Changes tool so that you can easily view any alterations made. He will also produce a list of queries if anything is not clear from the document, in order to make sure that any suggested adjustments are necessary and relevant.

Theo likes to keep an open dialogue with clients so as to cultivate a space for discussion about any amendments, ensuring that work is completed to your satisfaction.

Proofreading rates

Theo’s rate is £45 +VAT per hour (although don’t forget that if you hire me to write content for you, proofreading is already included as standard).

If you’re interested in learning more about how his proofreading can help your business, contact Theo directly using the form below:

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