Is your marketing growing your profits or destroying them?

Boring or lazy marketing is the sign of a dying business.

Many businesses market themselves poorly. And more than a few "marketing people" are clueless.

(We thought we would start off subtly.)

Whether they're a large, well-established business or a small one man band start-up, the person in charge of marketing looks around to see what other people in their industry are doing...and then does exactly the same.

There's a word for that. Boring.

There's also a second word for that. Lazy.

How we can make your marketing more effective

Let us work with you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing by:

  • developing an annual marketing plan (so that any marketing you do has an intelligent and sensible purpose).

  • writing a persuasive sales letter (for online or offline use) that sells your services/products.

  • designing a 'lead generation magnet' (a term popularised by marketer Dan Kennedy) in order to generate and/or qualify leads.

  • reviewing your website structure and content to ensure it's working as effectively it should. (If it's not, we can give it a structural and content "tune up").

  • analysing your current marketing to ensure the architecture of your website and any marketing funnels is solid.

  • enhancing your current copy/content to ensure it's readable, clear and easy to understand (i.e. no meaningless corporate jargon that causes eyes to glaze over).

  • creative thinking for your business, seeing opportunities for growth that may be invisible to you.

Your marketing should be helping to grow your business. Is it?

Your marketing should be helping to grow your business. Is it?