Should I hire a copywriter?

The business world already has enough content, enough information. What it needs is wisdom in what to say, effective application of content and improved results. 
— Mike Clarke

Thinking about hiring a copywriter? Sometimes not hiring a copywriter can be better for your business!

A strange thing for a copywriter to say but true (and I'll prove it!).


A while ago I was consulting with a company interested in hiring me to write blog posts for them. I could have easily accepted and done the work they were after.

Instead I did something that not many people do nowadays - I actually talked to them.

I asked them questions, some of them challenging and difficult to answer. I dug deeper and deeper.

And I found out that what they really needed was NOT more blog posts, but a better sales structure. They needed to redirect their marketing to engage and acquire new clients in a fresh way. They did NOT need me to write blog posts for them.

"Writing more blog posts" would have been the equivalent of putting a small plaster over a large wound. Short term it may look like you're covering the problem but long term, the real problem is still there. 

I could have taken the easy option and said "yes" to the work, but it would have been a HUGE waste of money for them. And I believe long-term it's far better to be honest and realistic with clients and potential clients by letting them know when I can't help them as well as when I can help them!


Having said all that, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that hiring a competent copywriter can be very useful for a business in certain situations.

If a copywriter can write a sales message that improves conversion from your current control, it can make a huge difference in your business. 

The key thing is to ensure the copywriter you hire has a focus on results (i.e. leads acquired/sales etc.) because sadly many copywriters nowadays are no more than 'content creators'.

With the current popular buzzword of 'content marketing' many companies think that any content is better than no content and so they hire a copywriter to generate endless streams of content for them.

Content marketing in and of itself solves nothing. You want to ensure that any content that you put out is intelligent, thoughtful, useful to your clients (or prospective clients) and actually serves a purpose.

Everything you do should be done strategically, and that's where a business-minded copywriter can really help you.