What is a copywriter?

If you're wondering what a copywriter does, look no further!

A copywriter is someone who produces the wording (a.k.a. "the copy") for advertising or other forms of marketing.

The adverts you see in newspapers and magazines? 
Written by a copywriter.

The wording on websites?
Written by a copywriter.

The leaflets and brochures you sometimes get through your door?
Written by a copywriter.

Next time you receive a sales brochure in the mail or see an advert online, it is more than likely that the text was written by a copywriter!

Copywriting isn't copyright-ing!

When I started working as a copywriter, I found people would say, "Oh copywriting, that's like trademarking is it?".

They were so used to seeing the © symbol, they equated copywriting with copyright (and who can blame them?).

A copywriter uses the power of words, of language, of structure, of sales psychology to write compelling adverts, sales letters and marketing materials.

The copy may be written to:

  • sell a physical product or an idea
  • generate "buzz" around a new product
  • inform or educate people about something

There are different types of copywriters...

The world of copywriting has various specialities. Some copywriters focus on:

  •  technical writing
  • email marketing
  • website content
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • blogging
  • social media content
  • newsletters
  • charity fundraising letters
  • direct response

(I put direct response in bold above as that is the area I specialise in.) 

Direct response is copywriting with a specific call to action (to buy a product, to sign up for a webinar, to request further information etc.).

I personally find direct response copywriting to be the most effective and the easiest to measure results for. Rather than pouring money down the "content marketing drain", a business can invest in high-quality direct response copy that will deliver measurable results. To my mind investing in good direct response copy is the wisest investment in marketing a business can make (I am acutely aware that my opinion is every so slightly biased).

Copywriters are used by...

Nearly every business uses (or should use) a copywriter to create their sales and/or marketing messages. You can often tell which companies have tried to write the copy themselves as it's muddled, "waffly" and less concise than it could be. It confuses clients.