What does a marketing consultant do?

Interested in hiring a marketing consultant?

In my role at Clarke Creatives, I wear a few different hats:

  1. direct response copywriter
  2. presentation skills trainer
  3. marketing consultant

The third of these is possibly the least understood by clients but potentially the most valuable for any business.

A marketing consultant looks at a business, examines its current marketing, advertising and sales systems and then helps to create and implement new or improved marketing strategies for better results.

I like to think of my work as a marketing consultant as similar to a detective like Sherlock Holmes. I look at the results a company is currently getting, learn what results they would like to get in the future and then work backwards to figure out the processes and changes that need making now to get the improved results in the future. 

How to choose a marketing consultant to work with:

I believe an excellent marketing consultant should be:

  • good at asking the right questions (which are not always the easy questions)
  • logical and analytical
  • a creative and a lateral thinker
  • always asking "how can this be improved?"
  • interested in adapting strategies from one industry to use effectively in another industry
  • able to see the big picture
  • easy to work with
  • inspiring to work with

If you are thinking about hiring a marketing consultant to work with you in your business, it's worth seeing how many of the above points they can tick.

The last two points especially are important but often overlooked - if someone is going to be involved in growing your business, you want to be sure you're going to be able to work with them.

Some consultants are very logical and linear in their thinking, which can be great in terms of metrics and measurement but useless when trying to explore creative solutions. On the other hand, an incredibly creative consultant with no grasp of metrics or measurements is going to be pretty useless!

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