finally! A copywriter who puts their prices online...

On this page you can see the fees I charge for specific projects.

While many copywriters and marketing agencies like to keep their fees a complete mystery to website visitors, I know that giving you an accurate idea of prices helps you budget accordingly. No more guessing whether or not I’m in your price range.

And if my fees are outside your budget, you won't need to send any awkward emails asking if they're negotiable (for the record, they're not).

All fees given on this page are exclusive of VAT, so please note that VAT will be added at the time of billing.

Ultimate marketing makeover

A "deep dive" analysis of your current marketing funnels, systems and processes (online and offline). Comprehensive written report detailing the changes I recommend making to the structure and/or copy of your website, adverts, marketing funnels, sales scripts, upsells, phone scripts etc.

In other words, I take all your marketing apart, examine it in minute detail and then put it back so that everything works together more effectively. 

If you're a start up business, I''ll create all the systems and copy described above for you.

Fee: £10,500 +VAT

Website review and copy tune-up

A comprehensive review and "tune up" of your current website. I'll report back on changes I recommend you make to the architecture of the site along with suggestions for improving SEO, copy/content and your "call to action".

If your website is not working as effectively as you would like, this review will help explain why as well as show you what changes to make. (Please note that I don't make the technical changes to your website, I only give you my recommendations for content.) 

Fee: £3,500 +VAT

lead generation magnet - online

Creation of a lead generation magnet for online use. Normally an instructional guide of 4-8 A4 pages, this will contain information of real value while also selling your product or service in an understated but powerful way. This would then be offered on your website as a PDF download.

Alternatively I can script an audio interview for you to record. 

Fee: £3,500 +VAT

Lead generation magnet - offline

Creation of a lead generation magnet for offline use (i.e. it will be mailed to your leads). This could take the form of an instructional booklet or an audio interview on CD.

I create the copy, you arrange the production of the physical product. (If you need help with the graphic design element of your lead generation magnet let me know and I can put you in touch with a recommended graphic designer.)

Fee: £3,500 + VAT

Sales letter

A well-written and elegantly-crafted sales letter can be worth its weight in gold. I will write a sales letter (up to 4 pages of A4) promoting and/or selling a product or service you offer.   

This will be delivered as both a Word document and a PDF file.

Fee: £1,500 +VAT

custom sales script

If you sell in person, you should already have a sales script you use. If you do, I will work on the structure, pacing and wording to make it more effective. If you don't have a sales script (shame on you!) I will write one for you that is specifically designed to sell.

This will be delivered as both a Word document and a PDF file.

Fee: £1,500 +VAT

blog post

Writing of a blog post for you. The fee includes research, keyword analysis, SEO review, content creation and proofreading of the finished article to ensure everything is accurate.

Fee: £625 +VAT


For proofreading and copy-editing prices for your projects, please contact my recommended “ninja” directly via THIS page. (Alternatively, don’t forget that proofreading is included as standard in any content you hire me to write for you.)

Fee: £45 per hour +VAT

Looking for something else?

If you're looking for help with something not listed here, please get in touch for a custom quote. In partnership with my hand-picked associates, I can provide you with direct-response copywriting, content marketing, SEO and proofreading - at a much more budget-friendly rate than most marketing agencies.

Fee: TBC - just ask