I had the pleasure to work with Mike around the copywriting requirements and SEO for our new websites (for 2 different entities). On this time restricted project, Mike provided us with very fast extremely reliable support and advice. He is efficient and knowledgeable in his domain, with a great attention to detail required for such projects. I would recommend Mike Clarke’s work for any company that needs a reliable and talented copywriter and SEO specialist.
— Hakim Driouche, Group Marketing Manager, Skills Alliance

Is your Copywriter helping to grow your business?

As a copywriter, my aim is to use words to help you sell effectively.

Whether you are selling a service or a product, your expertise or your knowledge, my copywriting technique and style is based on over twenty years of practical experience in the psychology of influence and persuasion.

Based on the proven principles of direct-response copywriting, my focus on delivering measurable results can help you:

  • generate more leads

  • sell more

  • retain your current customers

I’m particularly good at writing content that is down to earth, personal and genuine (if you're looking for content that is full of technical jargon, meaningless waffle or impersonal generalisations, I am probably not the best copywriter for you).

Photo by Olivier Le Moal/iStock / Getty Images

Can I help with your content marketing project?

If you want to hire a business copywriter in the UK who writes in a clear, concise and engaging way, why not get in touch? I can:

  • review your website content to check it's working as effectively it should. If it isn't, I can give it a content "tune up".

  • write a persuasive sales letter (for online or offline use) to sell your services/products.

  • write content for a 'lead generation magnet' (a term popularised by US marketer Dan Kennedy) in order to generate and qualify leads.

  • ensure your current content is readable, clear and easy to understand (i.e. no meaningless corporate jargon).

  • create compelling and persuasive sales scripts for selling in person one-to-one, one-to-many or via audio/video presentation.

  • develop cross-platform content that drives business (not just 'content' for the sake of it).

  • use my expertise as a direct-response copywriter to help generate more enquiries and more sales for you.