To Sell.

A focus on results

Whether your company sells a service or a product, expertise or knowledge, my response-driven copywriting can help you to sell more.

With over twenty years of practical experience in the psychology of influence and persuasion, I know how to use words to:

  • get you more clients,

  • help you sell more,

  • create customers for life.

Using proven principles

Rather than running after every newest shiny marketing gimmick (hello latest “must-be-on” social media platform), I use proven principles of direct-response marketing and copywriting to deliver tangible, measurable and reliable results for you.

In my former career as a magician, I used to seemingly appear things from thin air. In my work now as a copywriter, I enjoy ‘magically’ producing seemingly impossible results for my clients.

The “secret” in both cases?

Using proven principles.

Without the blah

Your time is valuable and you should avoid anyone who tries to waste it.

Your clients feel the same way.

That’s why I write content that cuts through the “blah” and speaks directly to people. Content that’s relevant to them. Useful. Valuable. Engaging. Persuasive.

And, of course, content that is written for results.

Taking the ‘con’ out of content marketing.