Client Confusion Score™ results

What your Client Confusion Score means

DISCLAIMER: The quiz you took was light-hearted, and you will find I have taken the same approach to describing the meaning of each score! The score descriptions below are not intended to be 100% accurate - or even 90% accurate -  and should not be used as the basis for anything (apart from hiring me if you'd like to!).

Here is what your score means:

Well done! You are a CONFUSION-FREE LEGEND! You are a HERO of clear communication and I salute you. 

1 - 4
Look at you, “fairly-well-understood-person”!
 Count me impressed! You are so close to being a communication legend it is almost embarrassing (but somehow I know you'll manage to cope with the acclaim). 

5 - 8
Well done!
Quite a lot of what you say to clients is actually understood by them. You're better than average and that has got to be good, right?

9 - 12
You are Average McAverageFace.
You are neither bad nor good - just "average". There is definitely room for improvement but you should be pleased that at least some of your clients understand you!

13 - 15
The good news is that you're not absolutely terrible at communicating with clients. Just really, really bad.  Although a few of your clients might understand some of what you're saying occasionally, it's probably best you don't speak to them very often.

Disastrous! Do you secretly work for the government, writing content or policy documents that nobody every reads? The only way you can achieve this score is by not knowing anything about how your business markets itself or how to communicate to clients.


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What to do now...

If you scored between:

0 - 4: You are in the top 1% of business people who communicate with clients clearly. Well done! (Are you an extremely good looking copywriter like me by any chance?)

5 - 8: Reasonable, although don't sit back and rest as there will always be plenty more work for you to do to become even more client-friendly. 

9 - 12: You have a pretty good idea of how to communicate with your clients, although there is still a lot of work to do in order to ensure your business continues to attract clients.

13 - 15: This is your wake up call to make some changes before you business disappears. If you continue to confuse you clients, you may find it a challenge to continue to operate your business effectively in the future.

16: Call me. Email me. (Or somebody else - as long as they know what they are talking about.) The bottom line is you need help, urgently!

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