Is your business truly healthy?

Rather than tell you a lot of (admittedly interesting) things about me, I want to ask about you.

Because any work I do for you is focused on helping you and your business.


  • a marketing manager looking for more "bang for your bucks",

  • a business owner struggling to make sense of social media and online advertising,

  • someone in the process of setting up your own business and wondering how to actually get clients/customers,

  • an established business needing a review and refresh of your marketing materials, to get better results.


  • finding it harder to get customers, or to retain them?

  • struggling with your pricing?

  • facing a new competitor who's nibbling away at your market share?

  • overwhelmed trying to keep current with social media?

  • looking for advice of how to make your marketing stand out and actually make a difference to your bottom line?

  • fed up of hiring copywriters or marketing agencies who don’t deliver the results you were expecting?

If any of the above relate to you, I can help!

About me (not you)

As  a "marketing guy", it may surprise you to know that I am a BIG believer in:

  • honesty in advertising (gasp!)

  • marketing ethically (gasp again!)

  • influencing and persuading with integrity (is that even possible for a marketer? Yes!)

  • measuring and tracking results (if you're not measuring it, you can't improve it)

With a BSc from the University of Wales College of Medicine, I've enjoyed a varied career. Over the years, I've worked:

  • for the NHS as a diagnostic radiographer

  • in sales for a FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company

  • as a magician in Bristol, UK (yes, really!)

Am I the only person in the world who can...?

I may very well be the only person in the world who can quote large chunks of 'Scientific Advertising' by Claude Hopkins, name every bone in the human body AND make a coin vanish from my hand - an unusual combination of skills I've yet to find a practical use for (if you think of one, please let me know!).

Just a regular guy...sort of.

I've been married to Naomi (the other Director of Clarke Creatives) since 2000 and we have 2 fab kids (aged 12 and 10).

When I don't have my business-building hat on, I am:

  • a member of Highgrove Church in Bristol

  • a supporter of CLIC Sargent (our son was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2015 and finished treatment in November 2018 so I have a very personal reason for supporting CLIC Sargent)

  • a keen participant in ultramarathons (most recent was the 100km Jurassic Coast Challenge)

  • a CrossFit fan!

I'm also a self-taught speed-reader and love nothing more than reading and studying the "old masters" of direct response copywriting and advertising (people like John Caples, Gene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins etc. who many copywriters and marketers nowadays have never even heard of, let alone studied). Yep, I really do this in my spare time...and thoroughly enjoy it!

It's all about results

All the work I do is based on one thing, and one thing only - getting you results. Do get in touch if you're interested in:

  • attracting more buyers

  • generating more leads and/or sales

  • increasing your profits

Mike Clarke, response-focused business copywriter

Mike Clarke, response-focused business copywriter

Looking for someone to help take your business to the next level?

I know that finding the right person to help grow your business can often be a challenge. That’s why I offer a free "no obligation" consultation where I will talk through your needs, the scope of your project(s) and the results you're looking for.

If at the end of our discussion you decide you would like me to help you, great - let's work together! If you decide not to use me, that is no problem at all. Rest assured I will never try to "hard sell" you on hiring us - that's not how I work (and from a persuasion and influence perspective it's the worst way to sell to anyone). 

You can also listen HERE to an interview where I explain my approach to business and copywriting. The interview will give you a good idea of how I work and whether I could help your business.