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If you want to be told all the usual things about marketing your business, then anyone will do. If you really want to get it sorted out - whether that’s content or process or structure - then Mike’s your man.
— Jonathan Rees,

it’s all about what you say…

What you say to people is important. How you promote your business and sell your services/products makes the difference between success and failure. There are three main ways I help businesses:


With over 20 years' experience in the psychology of influence and persuasion, my direct response copywriting can help you to sell more, to generate more leads and engagement, and to increase your profits.

2. Marketing to grow

Many businesses today use marketing that is bland, ineffective, poorly designed, badly implemented…and boring. I can work with you to create effective and integrated marketing that actually excites people and generates results.


Avoid the risk of people sleeping through your presentations! Using techniques perfected over the 9 years I worked as an entertainer, let me teach you how to persuade and communicate with confidence and clarity, one-to-one and one-to-many.

Mike Clarke is my secret weapon!
I have worked with Mike for several years and when I need a pro to make sure my message is being delivered in a professional and persuasive way he is my ‘go to’ guy. Even better his work always converts for me, making his service a “no brainer” option. If you need someone to get your point across and (more importantly) deliver results, Mike is your man!
— James Kennedy,
 UK direct response copywriter for business, Mike Clarke

Hello, I'm Mike

I work with proactive and forward-thinking companies who want to achieve more.

Using a combination of strategic marketing, response-focused copywriting and my Client Confusion Scoretool, I can help boost your business profits dramatically.

If you’ve worked with a marketing consultant or copywriter before, you will be thrilled with how easy I am to work with. If you haven’t previously worked with one, please be assured that I will make things as "hassle-free" as possible for you.

P.S. Why not take my tongue-in-cheek quiz to find out if you are currently at risk of confusing your clients? Click HERE to take the quiz now. 

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